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About Educated Girls Rock

Our Story

Educated Girls Rock is a non- profit organization committed to the betterment of girls and young women of all cultural backgrounds through education.  We realize that if any woman is to live a life of purpose and equality it must come by way of a proper education.  We serve as an advocate of education for the female generation of today and encourage them to strive to use education to elevate all facets of their life.

Our Mission

To prepare girls and young women for the world by empowering and motivating them to continue their education, advancing their opportunity of becoming successful contributors of society.


Our Values

Educated Girls Rock values are driven to educate and prepare our girls to be a strong force in a global community and to be recognized as models and active citizens.



I am Capable of being Educated!

I am Excited about Learning!

I am Committed to Excellence!

I am an Educated Girl that Rock!

Our Pledge

Why Educated Girls Rock was Created?

Over the past century, the role of women in corporate America has taken an astounding turn. Due to this, it is required that we take a vested interest in how we educate girls and young women to make more sound decisions about career choice. EGR has taken a stand to ensure girls and young women have the proper knowledge and mentorship that empowers them to continue their education. Due to many adversities girls and young women face during their formative years, the founder of EGR feels it is imperative that an avenue be provided for girls to express their needs and wants in reference to education; thus providing the necessary tools to guarantee a successful path to a career of the choice.With the challenge of overcoming several obstacles of her own, EGR’s founder understands the challenge of graduating under pressure and beating the odds to become successful. EGR founder feels it is imperative that each and every girl and young woman find their voice so they are not left behind.

How does an Educated Girl Rock?

We create awareness to girls and young women to see the vision of how important it is to graduate from high school. We instill in them that there is pride and accomplishment in wearing a cap and gown. We inspire them to claim power within through knowledge and self-awareness.

Committed to the Education of Girls

What We've Done...

EGR is a 501c3 that has worked diligently throughout the community for a number of years mentoring “at risk” high school girls about the importance of completing school and attending college or trade school. There is no greater accomplishment than earning a diploma and it has become EGR’s personal mission to reach girls and young women all over the world with this message. We were recently invited to conduct a workshop at (Five Forks Middle School) to introduce “Fight to Focus”.  The initiative “Fight to Focus” was created to help motivate students through the distractions and pressures of being a student in school. Accountability, Adversity and Academics are some of the building blocks to a solid foundation and EGR plans to help coach students through and encourage them along the way.


In addition, Educated Girls Rock has worked with schools and organizations such as Georgia State, Alabama State University, Forest Hill Academy High School, Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation, Multi-Agency Alliance for Children and so many other organizations. 


Educated Girls Rock held its “Official Launch “celebration which took place on July 19, 2014 in St. Louis, Mo. in the form of an “Appreciation Party".  Approximately 110 girls, young women and women attended the event and school supplies where provided to the attendees in need.


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