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Programs and Services

Fight to Focus

is an initiative to help motivate girls age 13 - 18 through the distractions and pressures of being a student in school. Accountability, Adversity, and Academics are some of the most critical obstacles girls and young women face while attending school.


Educated Girls Rock provides scholarships to high school graduates who exemplify this initiative.


College Tours

Educated Girls Rock offers college tours to students. College tours are powerful, inspirational, and fun-filled experiences. While most students are on the tour, they are able to discover a warm accepting atmosphere in which they can thrive and reach full potential. Students can experience firsthand an educational environment that is based on your success. All of this and so much more await you.


Community Outreach



Educated Girls Rock willingly accepts the responsibility of facilitating professional growth and support of a student through a mutually beneficial relationship. We believe ending the high school dropout crisis depends on mentorship.



Educated Girls Rock participates in community initiatives. Community Involvement gives girls an opportunity to earn service hours while giving back to the local community. It also generates 

a sense of pride in each girl as they see the direct results of their contribution to their community.

Educated Girls Rock has partnerships with several organizations throughout the country.

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